Honest great tasting sauces, hand made in Kent.

Based in Faversham, Kent. Carringtons started in the heart of the home, the kitchen. With a belief in creating vibrant flavours from honest ingredients, Carrington's sauces can be used every day in lots of ways. To start you off here are five.

1). On its own
Add to your eggs in the morning for a spicy wake up call.

2). Marinade With it
Infuse flavour and spice into meat or fish to make for a great bbq or oven baked dish.

3). Dress it up
Mix with yoghurt or mayo for a fiery dressing or dip.

4). Cook with it
Perk up any dish by adding a dash of chup.

5). Mix it up
Try adding some spice and flavour to your bloody Mary with a glug or two.

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