About Us

Dominic Winter


Based in Faversham, Kent, Carrington’s started in the heart of the home; the kitchen. As a young boy, Dominic enjoyed helping his grandmother in the kitchen, it was here where he discovered his love of food and cooking.

After a career as a chef, Dominic decided in 2007 to set up his own food stall serving great tasting vegetarian and vegan food at festivals, markets and private events. Finding it difficult to find the right sauces to accompany the food he was serving, Dominic decided to create his own using honest ingredients, vibrant flavours and a spicy kick. The result was Chillichup a deliciously versatile mild chilli sauce infused with a rich mix of spices and chillis.

The sauce was an instant hit with his customers and they soon started asking to take some home with them. I wasn’t long before Dominic went on to create two more sauces, Hot Hot Chillichup and Shut up Chup.

In 2014 Carrington Foods was established solely for the production of high quality sauces and preserves. Carrington Foods believes in selling its sauces through independent retailers, local markets and festivals to help support local businesses and the local food scene.


Our sauces are made using only the finest ingredients. We don’t use any chemical preservatives or emulsifiers and as we make all of our sauces in small batches, each bottle is of the highest quality and freshness for you to enjoy.

Keep your eyes peeled for new products in your local farm shops, deli’s and food stalls for more information on where to buy our sauces please visit our stockist’s page or drop us an email.


One of the earliest sauce producers was the Hayward Brothers who used a square(ish) bottle for their Military Sauce from 1898. They were followed very quickly by George Mason & Company who were the original manufacturer of OK Sauce.

Daddies Sauce was also square bottled from 1904 but in addition the glass top was sealed so that the top had to be broken off to be able to pour the sauce. These bottles are called shear top and children had to be warned to take care not to cut themselves on the sharp edge!
In undertaking this research, Carringtons have acquired examples of all of the above bottles. However, one bottle was purchased direct from the farm worker who found it in the Ypres area and this location must indicate that the sauce it contained was eaten by the troops fighting in the area during World War 1. The bottle is for HP Sauce which was made by F. G. Garton, who used square bottles from 1903. It is interesting to note that
Gartons had purchased the recipe for the sauce from the originator, Harry Palmer (HP) when he lost a considerable sum betting on horse racing. The bottle is in remarkably good condition and even has the original glass stopper.

Carringtons are delighted to continue the century old tradition of using square bottles for high quality sauces.