Naga Sea Salt and Shut Up Rub Letterbox Gift

Naga Sea Salt and Shut Up Rub Letterbox Gift

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A spicy letterbox gift! Send this hot chilli rub and naga chilli sea salt gift set to a foodie or chilli lover and have it delivered right through their letterbox!

This letter box gift set is a well presented combination of our a hot shutup chillichup rub and our naga chilli sea salt, a perfect gift  to get those taste buds on fire!  

The letterbox includes:

Shut Up Rub is a hot chilli spice rub comprised of a blend of Moroccan spices and naga chilli. This chilli spice rub hasa intense but flavoursome kick and goes perfectly with meat, fish and vegetables. Rub it on your potato wedges, chicken wings or stir into your stews and soups.

Naga Chilli Sea Salt is an infusion of naga chilli flakes into Sea Salt. Perfect for spicing up and seasoning your food at the table or in  the kitchen when cooking. Use to season seafood, vegetables and meat.  

This fiery gift pack come with a recipe card to get you cooking in the kitchen!

This seasoning pack is deliciously versatile, full of flavour, it can be used to rub, marinade or cook with to add flavour and heat to your dishes.

Our products are 100% free from artificial flavours or any nasties whatsoever. They are the perfect chilli cooking gift for chilli connoisseurs and foodies alike.

Shut Up Rub 50g bag

Naga Chilli Sea Salt 50g bag

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