Chillichup Rubbed Steak

Chillichup Rubbed Steak


  • The steak of your choice  
  • A Good sprinkle of Chillichup rub

The Method

1. Sprinkle your choice of rub onto the steak evenly Don't Go to thick a light dusting is good enough Allow to rest at room temperature for 10-15 min to allow the rub to start drawing out some moisture and the steak to come to just below room temp

2.Pre heat a griddle pan or frying pan until just below smoking hot

3 Place the steak on the griddle pan and leave on the first side for at least 2 min. do not move the steak as you want to get some colour on at least one side.

4. Cook your steak until just under your liking and then add a nob of butter to the pan and baste remove from the heat when all the butter has melted and before it caramelizes you can also add fresh thyme to the pan at this stage to if desired

5. As I said I would slightly under cook the steak to your preference as it will continue cooking while you leave it to rest. Transfer the steak to a plate for a few minuets rest just to allow the steak to relax and become even tastier.