Cracking Christmas Cosmo

Cracking Christmas Cosmo


50ml Vodka

25ml Cointreau

50ml Cranberry Juice

1Tsp Cranberry Cracker

1 Egg White (optional)

Plenty Of ice

orange peel

Cinamon stick (optional garnish)

The Method

Chill your Martini Glasses with some ice and water

Fill a Boston Tin glass or cocktail shaker with ice

Add the Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Cranberry cracker and if using Egg white

Place the tin or top of the shaker on top of the base securely

Shake the shaker hard until the tin or shaker is almost to cold to handle.

Empty the martini glasses of the ice and water

Using a strainer and a sift Pour the cosmo into the Martini Glasses

Garnish the cocktail with a stick of Cinnamon or a thin slice of twisted Orange peel

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