Cranberry Cracker Glaze

Cranberry Cracker Glaze


  • 1 tbsp Cranberry Cracker
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 tbsp honey - maple syrup and Agave can be used instead.
  • salt and pepper to taste

The Method

Add the Cranberry Cracker, Honey and Tomato paste to a small pot or deep pan and place on a low heat

Slowly whisk the Ingredients together until they form a smooth syrup. no need to boil just bring it up to a lite simmer. Add seasoning to taste. (careful it will be very hot)

The glaze is ready, you can use this straight away or you can store it in a jam jar in the fridge for up to a week.

You can use the glaze on meatballs, chicken wings, Ham, tofu, Haloumi or vegetables.

The meatballs and chicken wings can be used as canapes or snacks for Christmas Party's and glazed ham and vegetables makes for a great boxing day lunch.

Picture provided by Barbara Chowaniec

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