Quick and Easy Mishmash Noodles

Quick and Easy Mishmash Noodles


1 Pack of egg Noodles/ Vermicelli Noodles

1 Tbsp Chunky Peanut Butter

1 Tbsp Soy Sauce

2 tsp Mishmash (if you like it really hot add an extra 1 Tsp Hot Chilli Hodgepodge)

2 Spring Onions Cut at an angle

3 cm of cucumber de seeded and diced into small cubes

2 tsp toasted sesame seeds

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

fresh coriander Stalks Finely Chopped

For garnish

spring onions

sesame seeds toasted

Fresh coriander leaves roughly chopped

Dry roasted peanuts

Chopped fresh chilli

The Method

Fist cook your favourite noodles ( its best to follow the Packets advise on timings and method)

Once cooked to your liking transfer the drained noodles into a bowl full of ice and water to stop them cooking further and to cool them down quickly.

While they are cooling make the dressing.

Add the peanut butter to a large bowl then add the coriander stalks, ginger, chopped spring onion and cucumber stiring well to combine then add the rest of the ingredients again stiring well to ensure all ingredients are well combined. If you find it is a little dry add a little more mishmash oil or soy sauce but be carful not to over do it as this is meant to coat the noodles not be a runny sauce.

Once you have combined all the ingredients drain the noodles from the ice water discarding any remaining ice as well and add to the bowl with the sauce in. Toss the noodles and the sauce together until the noodles are well coated and serve.

as a little added extra you can garnish with more spring onion, toasted sesame seeds, coriander leaves, a sprinkle of dry roasted peanuts and if you like a little extra heat some chopped fresh chilli

If you like things really hot add a Tsp of Hot Chilli Hodgepodge to the sauce as well and add some to garnish that should give you the Kick you need.