Thai Sweet Chilli Prawns

Thai Sweet Chilli Prawns


2 Limes Zested and Juiced

2 cloves of garlic

1kg raw Large King Prawns or tiger Prawns de shelled and de veined

2 Tsp Thai Tingler


Optional Extras

½ a bunch of coriander

½ a Lime cut into 4 dsegments

1-2 whole Chilli of your choosing I like a Thai finger chilli for thisdish but you choose what ever you prefer.

The Method

Combine oil, Thai Tingler, coriander, lime zest and juice and garlic in a bowl. Season to taste then add the prawns and coat well. Cover the prawns and refrigeratefor 15 minutes.

Preheat a griddle pan on medium-high heat or have a BBQ ready. Evenly space out the prawns on the BBQ or griddle pan (do not over crowd), turn them occasionally, for2-3 minutes until pink and just cooked through. it shouldnt take longer then 4-5 min but always check that they are fully cooked before serving

Transfer the prawns to a plate or bowl and sprinkle with chopped coriander some diced blackened fresh chilli

( just add your choice of fresh Chilli to the BBQ at the same time as the prawns and blacken or put directly onto the Gas hob carefully turning with tongs until blackened then place in a tub to sweat. You can remove the skins however I like to use the whole Chilli.)

I also Like to have a few fresh lime segments on the side and you can always add some more Thai Tingler to the side of your plate or brushed over the prawns as a further glaze.

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